Toast of Tuesday: Cookie Cake from Scratch

Being the unofficial party planner for my entire office, I decided to schedule a Super Bowl party at work for the Friday before the big game. And, since I’m known around the office for my love of baking, I was voluntold to make a cookie cake.

Grab a glass of milk and come check it out! This was my first time baking a cookie cake from scratch. I do regular size cookies fairly frequently, but never cookie cakes.

The secret ingredient in this bad baby is molasses. Which, surprisingly, pours out of the jar alarmingly fast. Seriously, whoever coined the phrase “slow as molasses” clearly never used it.

The rest of the ingredients are pretty typical: flour, salt, and baking soda for the dry ingredients. Molasses and light brown sugar for the ooey gooey sweet stuff. A stick of butter and a hearty dash of vanilla extract, and we’re rockin’.

Note: Don’t be like me and wait until the last minute to soften your butter. Actually let it sit out at room temperature for a while. I only let it sit out for maybe 20 minutes, and as a result I had to leave the mixer running for twice as long.

This butter was still way too cold to whip

The molasses and brown sugar gave the batter a gorgeous, caramel color. Since my measuring cups were all dirty from the other measuring, I just eyeballed the dark chocolate chips.

When I checked on the cookie cake about 3/4 of the way through baking, I was a little concerned that it may tip over the edge of the pan. But, thankfully, no batter jumped ship.

I let it cool overnight since I was ready for some sleep and didn’t feel like stuffing the piper with frosting.

The next morning before work I scooped a jar of vanilla frosting into the stand mixer and beat it on medium-high, tossing in hearty doses of Panthers blue sprinkles. Whipping the frosting makes it fluffier and easier to pipe, plus I figured it would be a good way to add the sprinkles.

I used my Wilton piping gun with the round tip for the words, and the star tip for the decorative stars along the edge.

finished product!

This was my first time baking cookies with molasses and brown sugar rather than just granulated sugar, and the results were FABULOUS!

My coworkers at the tailgate party were the first to taste the cookie cake, and they immediately raved about the rich texture. At first I worried they were just being nice, but when I got a bite that afternoon, I could see what all the fuss was about.

Molasses is my new go to cookie ingredient! The texture was

You know what made this cookie cake even sweeter? Being a proud Panthers even though we lost the Super Bowl. Keep pounding!


One comment

  1. That looks delicious. I’m always on the lookout for a new dessert to try, and with a few birthdays coming up in the not-so-distant-future…I’m probably going to have to give this a whirl.

    And, of course since it’s midnight and I’m doing everything I can to avoid going to bed, I just researched how slow molasses really is….and even found a video of someone “racing” it down a board against other syrups and sauces. And yeah, not all that slow. I don’t feel I can ever truthfully use that phrase again.


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