Weblog Wednesday: Adventures Abound

Don’t you just love that feeling when you know a memory is being forged? Especially when the memory-in-the-making wasn’t designed to be anything grand?

This has been one of those weeks for me. Full of adventures, excitement, anxiety, hopes, fears, unknowns, and ultimately, precious memories.  Last week I had a nasty chest cold, but there was a lot to do before the weekend. As part of my transition to moving to be with Dear Betrothed, I’m spending a couple of weeks in my new city working out of my new office.

On Thursday I got my Valentine’s nails done — pastel Mod About You, layered with two coats of In True Stefani Fashion on my ring fingers, both by OPI in gel.

Modest Valentine’s nails 🙂

That night I took a nap for a few hours then got up around midnight Friday to go on my last training run before the weekend’s race since I had a super early flight to catch. I love traveling. Really, I do. But dang, it really stresses me out and increases my anxiety, because I’m petrified of missing my flight or something horrible going wrong. As usual, though, my anxiety proved unfounded, and as usual, I got to the airport waaaay ahead of time and made all my connecting flights.

Thank goodness Starbucks at the airport was open.

Dear Fiancé picked me up at the airport, and we ran errands all day before having dinner with his mom. Right before bed, there was a twist in the plot! My dad’s wife texted me saying they were stranded in Israel. We were supposed to stay with them the next night in the race city, but since we don’t have keys to their house, we had to book a hotel at the last minute.

Unexpected hotel stay – thank goodness there was a room!

On Saturday we made the 3.5 hour drive to the race city. Checking in was an absolute zoo, as there were a few conventions nearby. We rushed through the expo to pick up my race packet and hurried off to a pre-Valentine’s dinner at Flemings.

Once again, my anxiety flared.

What if they close the packet pick-up early and I can’t get my race bib?! What if we’re late to Flemings and they turn us away even though we had reservations?! What if a giant earth-bound meteor strikes us dead?!?

Seriously, that’s how quickly my anxiety escalates. Dear Other Half and I of course each have our strengths and challenge areas, but one thing I am so grateful for with him is that his personality is a great foil to mine as far as anxiety. When I started panicking unduly the other day about this irrational fear of not being able to get my race packet in time, he hugged me and reminded me that everything would be OK.

And guess what? It was! We got the race packet in plenty of time, and made it to the restaurant on time as well.

Dinner was fabulous. He had a filet with scalloped potatoes and chipotle mac & cheese, and I had a spinach salad with goat cheese and cauliflower couscous, and a plain baked potato. For dessert we split a sinfully delicious chocolate hazelnut torte. 🙂

As much as traveling can be stressful, there is also something exciting about staying in a hotel now and then. Crawling into the hotel bed that night felt both comforting and magical, if that makes any sense. Comforting because I miss curling up with him when we’re apart for so long, I miss hearing his NBA games buzz softly in the background, I miss the everyday-ness of living together. But it was also magical because, well, traveling is exciting, and racing is exciting, and the twist in the plot that led us to spend the night in a super fancy hotel was exciting.

Anyway, the next morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the big race. You can read my full race recap here. I came within 2 minutes of a new PR, even with a cold!

F-f-f-freezing but happy!

After the race, as we packed our bags and headed back out of town, I could already feel that the weekend was one of those precious memories in the making. We stopped for Mexican on the way back to my soon-to-be home city and reminisced about all the adventures we’ve been on together, and all the adventures yet to come.

That night instead of going out for Valentine’s Day, we recreated a romantic Melting Pot meal by doing fondue at home. You can read the cheese fondue recipe here. The dessert fondue recipe will debut on Toast of Tuesday in a few weeks probably.

I dip, you dip, we dip!
Setting your dessert on fire is fun!

We both had Monday off for Presidents’ Day. Still sore from pushing myself in the last few miles of my race, I took Monday as an active recovery day and went on a soothing two hour walk in the freezing rain. I know that probably sounds miserable, and in some sense, it was. But I dunno, there’s also something I really enjoy about being out in the rain. It’s like, the warmth and cleanliness of a shower afterwards feels that much more special, and I feel some silly sense of accomplishment braving the elements.

I spent all afternoon Monday reading The Well of Ascension and blogging, while Dear Partner put on a movie. It’s now Tuesday night as I finish up this post, and I must admit, I am quite nervous about tomorrow.

You see, tomorrow I will go into my new office for the first time in my soon to be home city. Even if my job role and my team aren’t changing, it’s still giving me loads of anxiety having all this change. What if they don’t like me? What if I get lost? What if I trip and make a giant fool of myself?

Rationally I know these are silly fears. I was expressing them tonight over dinner to Dear Significant Other, and he reassured me that everyone would love me (especially if I brought in some of my famous cupcakes 😉 ) and that I wouldn’t get lost or trip over my own two feet.

So indeed, it has been a week of adventures. Traveling, racing, fine dining, last minute hotel stays, new offices, lots of love and laughs, but plenty of anxiety too. All of those things together, though, make a heck of a lot of memories. And I am so grateful for it all!

Tell me, how has everyone else’s week been? For those who had Monday off, did you do anything exciting?


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