Weblog Wednesday: A Twist in the Plot!

Fumbled passes. Literary letdowns. Traffic jams. Plot twists in life make things fun, don’t you think?

My week sure has had a lot of cool and interesting plot twists, but you know what? I loved every second of it. Or at least, I’m keeping a good attitude 🙂 When last we spoke, I was recounting a totally Pinterest imperfect week of DIY crafts, binge reading, and work stress. The intervening week since our last Weblog Wednesday has been equally as colorful.

As a precursor to the Valentine’s manicure I’ll be getting tomorrow night, last week I got some appropriately pink and sparkly nails. Ooh, ahh, behold the dazzle!

The new Hello Kitty line by OPI is my fave.

Getting to watch the Pioneer Woman while I got my blissfully relaxing manicure was a very nice treat indeed.

As I’ve said before, Ree Drummond is my spirit animal. GINGERS UNITE!!

On Thursday night I baked a cookie cake from scratch for my office’s Super Bowl party on Friday. If you’re just joining us, I’m a huge Panthers fan, and their slogan is “keep pounding,” hence the writing on the cookie. This recipe will be featured on Toast of Tuesday in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for a FANTASTIC new cookie recipe!

Goooooooo Panthers!!!

Of course I wore my Sir Purr jersey that Dear Better Half got me to work the next day. Those of us Panthers fans in the office had a dab off competition! Looking at the photo now, I think my dab is too vertical — I need to level out my arms in the future.

dab on ’em!!

Saturday night was the first big plot twist of the week. I was meant to go to a MeetUp for another pub trivia night, but there was apparently an NBA home game that evening, and the pub where we meet is literally down the block from the arena, soooooo guess what? Parking was like $1,943,579,957,760. Which I ain’t about to pay. Normally I’d take an Uber anyway, but I figured I’d drive that night. Guess I planned that wrong, haha!

So, I made a u-turn by the NBA arena and headed to the bookstore for a little solo date, which you all know I’m quite fond of.

I indulged in a mocha (I rarely drink anything other than black coffee, and I especially never have caffeine at night) and a San Pellegrino (I also rarely pay for sparkling water). But you know what, it’s good to indulge now and again!

writing + reading + mocha + S. Pellegrino = bliss

I whipped out my tablet and did some blogging, and I also read this month’s Geek Book Club book, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The full GirlyGeekGirl book review will be coming this Friday, but let me just preface it by saying that it was another of the week’s plot twists, in that it is apparently a beloved national bestseller, and I thought it, well … Just wait for the review this Fangirl Friday. 😉

This book … left me questioning my understanding of readers’ tastes.

For those who keep up with American football, the next plot twist was that my beloved Panthers lost to the Broncos 24 to 10. I won’t go into to much regarding my thoughts on the game here, other than to say that, 1) we didn’t play our best; 2) the refs seemed to err on the side of the Broncos, which didn’t help number 1; and 3) I am still SO proud to be a Panthers fan and congratulate Peyton Manning and the Broncos on their victory.

Aaaand I got some free Panthers cake from a table next to ours who were Panthers fans and brought a cake!!!! Pretty sweet, huh?

At least I got cake 🙂

So far this week I’ve been battling a cough and sore throat, and preparing for ending my travel-free month and a half. This Friday I’ll fly out to go see Dear Betrothed for Valentine’s Day, and to compete in a half marathon this weekend. So that cough better clear up, dang it!

I’ll also get a chance to see my dad after my half marathon (which is in the city where he lives). Dear Father is currently traveling across Israel and Jordan with his wife on a personal spiritual journey, which is pretty cool I think.

Tell me, how is everyone else’s week going so far? Anyone have anything exciting to share? Or anything mundane 🙂 . There’s something enticing about the mundane, don’t you think?

Until next time,



  1. There’s something very comforting in the mundane…it’s rather underappreciated, and I welcome it whenever it decides to stop in for a visit.

    And now I want cake and a giant cookie.


  2. As a non-American reader who is no fan of football (both varieties) I was looking for the point of common interest… and then you mention the bookshop, coffee and cake! And there we have it, the things that unite us all (well, nearly all)- books, delicious sweet indulgences and fancy Italian beverages.

    I would try the manicure but I don’t think I have the co-ordinated wardrobe to carry it off…

    PS Get well soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am really interested to see what you’re going to say about The Night Circus. I had that on my to read list… uh oh. As to the Panthers, that is the curse of football. It’s like the team the Patriots had in 2007. They looked unbeatable… and then they were. Ugh.

    I agree with the indulgence line whole heartedly. Sometimes you have to splurge on yourself.

    Get better!


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