Weblog Wednesday: Pinterest Imperfect

Oh, how quickly the weather has changed since last week’s Weblog Wednesday! We went from Queen Elsa’s blizzard to barely-need-a-sweater weather. As much as I enjoyed the forced solitude of the blizzard, this past week I really enjoyed the fun activities that the nicer weather afforded.

From self-dates to Pinterest projects to pedicures, it was a superb week! On Thursday after work I popped into the salon for a pedicure while I wrapped up the last juicy pages of Mistborn. You can read my final review here.

books, wine, and a foot massage? yes please!!!

On Friday morning my apartment complex management treated the residents to a delicious smorgasbord catered by Whole Foods. I grabbed a yummy bran muffin and watched a bit of morning news before heading to work.

free breaky = duh

Then on Friday night I took myself on a solo date to Barnes & Noble, where I picked up the second and third installments in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy. I ordered a mocha and finished up this past weekend’s installment of my “Code Red” story.

books + coffee + writing = also paradise!

This weekend was one of happy mediums. On Saturday, I ran 12 miles, napped and read all afternoon, and went out to a trivia MeetUp that evening. Sunday was my “get stuff done” day, and the productivity felt really good. I wrote during the morning, went craft supply shopping for the Toast of Tuesday DIY vase and candle holders, washed my car, bought groceries, did laundry and dishes, and cleaned my apartment.

I think strolling around the craft store was my favorite part of the day. Check out these gorgeous flowers they had!

Gerber daisies are my absolute fave flowers!

I also bought a little gift for a daughter of one of my coworkers, who loves this thing called Shopkins.


On Sunday evening I wrapped up my totally imperfect Pinterest project and called it a night.

So far this work week has been pretty hectic, between leading meetings, enduring stuffy business luncheons, and trying to keep my eyes open amid unprecedented insomnia. Oh, not to mention juggling what feels like a zillion things on my moving to-do list. But I’ve been trying to turn my stress on its head and be grateful for the things that give me stress. I’m so fortunate to have such an awesome, challenging, rewarding job where I even get to lead meetings and go to stuffy business luncheons. And I’m especially so fortunate to be moving cross country soon to be with the person I can’t wait to grow old with. So yeah, I’ll take some stress 😉

Tell me, how was everyone else’s week? I hope everyone’s February is off to an awesome start!



  1. Good on you for not freaking out from work stress and also for finding time to do the things you enjoy. Changing perspective on hectic things always helps.

    And kudos for the DIY vase project…that turned out about 143x better than what I could’ve done. lol

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    • Thank you! Yes, a change in perspective can really make all the difference in the world. What’s funny is that, when it’s someone else who needs to change their perspective, it’s really easy for me to internally think “oh man, why don’t they look at it differently? they are SO fortunate!” But when it’s me, it’s much harder to remind myself to do that.

      And thanks! The vase was fun. With the big move coming up, there will be lots of decorating that needs to be done. So I’m hoping there will be lots more projects on Pinterest where I can have fun crafting and save money on decor.


    • The first book was awesome! Second book is even longer, and it’s a bit slow to start since the author is spending time reminding you what happened in book one.

      And yeah, apparently Shopkins are like crazy popular? I hadn’t heard of them until Christmas, and only because my coworker’s daughter is 10. When I saw a display of them at the store the other day, I was still confused on what exactly the concept is … just inanimate objects with creepily happy faces?

      My perception of it probably isn’t helped by the fact that, long before I heard the name or knew it was a kid’s show, I saw a very vulgar cartoon on Tumblr ripped off of one of the characters. At the time I just thought it was a stupid cartoon, but in hindsight I’m super grossed out that someone would draw that based on a children’s cartoon.

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    • What’s funny is I’ve always considered myself to be a slow reader, but I guess I’m finding that if I enjoy the genre I’ll read more quickly. I certainly don’t think I could zoom through literary fiction, for example.

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