Toast of Tuesday: DIY Vase + Candle Holders

Modern, clean décor, bright florals, and saving money? Sign me up, please!

A few weeks ago on Pinterest I came across an awesome tutorial for DIY floral vases. This past weekend I gave one of the projects a shot. Check out my own tutorial and review! The original pin came from Melissa George over at Polished Habitat. In her article, “Cheap to Chic Vase Makeovers,” she gives you three DIY vase makeovers. I liked the looks of the first (monogrammed vase) and second (geometric metallic vase) the best. However, I don’t own a cricut machine, so the monogram will have to wait.

I wish I could say it was warm enough to hop in that pool in the background!

Here’s your list of materials for the project:

  • Cylinder glass vase
  • Washi tape
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Paper towels
  • Respirator

First stop: Craft store for the spray paint and vase.

I like decorating with whites and silvers, so I chose metallic silver. At first I couldn’t decide between these equally priced cans, but I ended up buying the one on the left because it claimed to dry quickly.

Be careful with this stuff. It stanks and is flammable.

You could also buy your washi tape here, but I wouldn’t recommend it, since you can find comparable substitutes much cheaper at a place like Walmart, and you’re going to be throwing it away anyway.

Next stop: Dollar store for any more vases.

I actually was just popping in my local dollar store to see if they had any vases for cheaper, so that I could possibly return the $6 one from the craft store. They didn’t have any of the 8″ ones like the one I had just purchased, but they did have the exact same cute little short ones that the tutorial uses with the monogram project.

So, I decided to make matching candle holders. I picked up two of the mini cylindrical glass vases and two candles to go inside of them, all for just a few bucks.

Final stop: Home improvement store for a respirator.

Now, onto the fun part!

First, wash your vase thoroughly to rid it of any gunk or grime. Next, find a spot outside and lay down some paper towels. Take the washi tape and crisscross it all over the vase to create the inverse of the pattern you want.


Be sure to put a strip of tape just under the inside lip of the vase, to keep paint from straying where it ought not go. Stuffing paper towels will protect the inside as well.

I left a teency bit of the lip exposed on purpose.

Next, get to spraying. Make sure to follow all directions on your paint can.

This was after one coat.

After a couple of hours I came back outside and peeled back the washi tape. As you can see, unfortunately, I must not have done a great job of sealing the tape to begin with, because the edges show where some paint got underneath the tape.

Not quite the crisp, geometric lines I was going for.

Oh well, this vase isn’t Pinterest perfect, and neither is my life. 🙂

Next I did the candle holders similarly. Here are the two candles I bought for them: Wedding Day (whatever it smells like is darn good) and Driftwood Sands.

I prefer jar candles to tealights because they don’t get messy.

So, drum roll please, here was the final product!

Hashtag Pinterest. Hashtag nailed it. Hashtag kidding.

Since the washi tape I used was relatively wide compared to the size of the glasses (and it was the thinnest washi tape I could find for cheap), I may go back and sponge in some extra paint, maybe with white. I know doing so would take away from the whole clean, geometric look I was going for, but the poor taping job I did already dashed that dream.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Toast of Tuesday! Tune in next week for a yummy French Valentine’s day dish!



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