Weblog Wednesday: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Thursday night: Volunteering at food bank   Last minute pharmacy and grocery run before being snowed in

Friday night: Music trivia MeetUp   Snowed in

Saturday morning: Business networking group   Snowed in

Saturday night: Trivia MeetUp   Snowed in

Sunday: Finally saw the light of day!

You know, it would be cool to say that Queen Elsa is real and that her magical emotions are what snowed us all in this past weekend. So, let’s go with that!

Thanks to Her Royal Highness the Queen of Arendelle, I was snowed into my 500 square foot studio for three solid days. But, it could have been so much worse, so I am very grateful for the week I did end up having.

This is normally what the early morning view from my studio looks like:

I heart you, sunrise!

Instead, last week I woke up on Friday morning to the innocent-enough looking start of what Storm Jonas Elsa brought us here on the east coast. This photo, of course, was snapped before the worst if it came.

Blizzards are like female Bond villains: beautiful but dangerous.

Dear Betrothed was on a business trip deep in the heart of Texas, so he apparently got to waltz around in his shorts and t-shirts basking in the sun, while us East Coasters were getting hammered by Old Man Winter.

But honestly, I didn’t mind it much at all. Actually, part of me rather enjoyed it. During my three day hibernation, I did lots of treadmill training, binge read more of Mistborn (full review coming soon!), and did a lot of creative writing.

Oh, and napping. Because naps are the best.

Which is not to say that I wasn’t going a little stir crazy by the 70th hour. But I honestly did my best to enjoy the opportunity for reflection and quiet creativity.

Thankfully though, by Sunday afternoon the roads were clear enough for me to walk a few blocks to meet some people at a restaurant to watch the NFC championship game at the regular weekly football MeetUp.

The photo below was clearly not taken at the NFC championship, but while on vacation last year Dear Fiancé and I snagged some last minute tickets to see the Panthers take on the Texans. Of course, my Big Cats won 😉

Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans, 2015

Sunday was a great day for many reasons: Firstly, the Patriots lost (!!!!!). Secondly, the Panthers won and are now headed to the Super Bowl. Thirdly, I finally broke free from my blizzard confinement and actually saw the light of day.

For those who read last Wednesday’s post, this week I arrived at the restaurant super early and did some finagling on the seating arrangements to ensure that I did not sit next to the creep. Instead, I was sandwiched between two perfect gentlemen, one of whom talked nerdy things with me all evening. I did, however, notice Mr Creep had his arm around another girl all evening. I’m sure she’ll do the same as me when we reconvene to watch the Super Bowl together!

So, while I am disappointed that I didn’t get to do the volunteering and MeetUps and networking that I had planned on doing, the self-rejuvenation forced by the solitude was actually really nice.

And besides, like the Queen herself is fond of saying, the cold never bothered me anyway. Just a reminder to always look on the bright side of frozen curve balls thrown at you during life. 🙂



  1. Every now and then it’s nice of Elsa to force everyone inside to slow down for a day or two 🙂 Although we don’t see her over here on the east coast of Australia… we just get her evil cousins that throw down the floods or bushfires!

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  2. Oh, Elsa. I met her in Tokyo last week. She is all over the place! The last bit is very true, the ability to find the bright side of things is essential to moving your life in the right direction. I know too many people that let every little roadblock destroy them.

    It seems like everyone nowadays is on the Patriots hate wagon. That’s fine with us though. We’ll be back in the hunt next year and every year that Tom Brady keeps playing. I hope Carolina beats the Broncos though, so we can agree on that 😉

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    • She *is* all over the place, isn’t she? Actually, come of think of it, I am surprised to say that I don’t recall us seeing her dressed up anywhere (officially) in Disney World on vacation last year. Of course, every other little girl was dressed up as her, but I actually don’t remember seeing her in the flesh. I guess she was too busy preparing to hammer us with this blizzard.

      I’m glad you are rooting for Carolina in the Super Bowl! And really though, I don’t hate the Patriots. I fear them, so actually you should take my statement as a compliment, since I would rather us face Denver than the Pats. I’m not so sure we could have beaten them in the Super Bowl. Not that I think we’ll definitely win against Denver. I have a great deal of admiration for Peyton Manning, and their d-line is phenomenal, so it’s really anybody’s game.

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      • I think Carolina will win. Peyton is a great quarterback, but he’s past the point where he is a game breaker. Cam is coming into that stage. Denver’s D used New England’s kryptonite on them (four man rush that we couldn’t pin down that got Tom into happy feet mode). I think they’ll have a harder time containing Carolina’s offense.

        As for Elsa, it’s really hit and miss with when and where you see the characters. You can find schedules for that and make that your reason for going to the park, but you have to know it ahead of time and plan. I like the rides too much to do that.

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  3. I like solitude most especially when I’m by myself. Yet I also have this amazing ability to sit in a room full of clammering people, and be able to tune them all out. Looks like a packed stadium! Be careful of tourists… I got here to read your fine entry here, via ‘The Shameful Sheep’

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    • Hello, and welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Solitude can be very wonderful, can’t it? And I totally know what you mean about being alone in a crowded room. I seem to recall a line from The Great Gatsby about that sensation, in fact.

      Yes, the Panthers stadium was packed when we went there on vacation. It was a lot of fun though, but a bit too many people in one place for my introverted liking.


      • You got it bang on! Even as a child, I was too shy to brush my teeth! In fact, I’m still really 8 years old; I was too shy to grow up! My real name is Dr. Jeckle; I must hide! I already admire your enormous brain! And thank Gatsby for finking out on me. Will ya? ‘I’VE GOT TO BE ME!’ LOL!

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  4. How I miss snow days….we have barely had any winter here in France and now spring is in the air. 😦 Discovered your blog via Blair over at The Shameful Sheep. A great find for WTF Wednesday!

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  5. So glad to hear you successfully avoided Mr Creep. Sounds like you did a great job of making the most of a ‘plot twist’. Sometimes some forced R&R is just what we need.


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