Fangirl Friday: Dragon Age Inquisition Review

If you haven’t checked out my Taco Tuesday Challenge post, do so now! This is my first official Fangirl Friday post, although obvi about half of what I post could fall into this category. Santa brought me Dragon Age: Inquisition for Christmas in 2014 right after it came out, but it sat dormant in my gaming queue until autumn 2015.

When I finally booted it up, boy did it suck me in. Folks, this is a binging game if ever there were one! Like most fantasy RPGs, the game opens with some gameplay tutorials thinly veiled as a plot-driving scene. You, the Inquisitor, are destined to repair a calamitous tear in the Veil separates the living world from the ghastly, metaphysical Fade. And defeat the Elder One, of course, because there has to be a baddie! Add to this a tough moral choice between siding with the Templars versus the Mages in their war with each other, and you’ve got yourself a juicy plot ripe for the playing.

As one would expect, the game’s various worlds are visually stunning. Some are lush, verdant forests. Others are golden copper deserts. All are beautiful in their own right. And although not technically open world, you have loads of varied lands to roam around and more side quests than you can fathom.

I’m never sure if an abundance of side quests makes games like this a completionist’s dream, or nightmare. A bit of both, I think.

Confession: I’m a hella completionist. And as such, I logged over 100 hours in the game before even reaching the campaign’s halfway point, all for the ever-lovin’ side quests.

For the most part, I’ve encountered fairly minimal bugs, though the ones I have encountered nearly had me blowing steam out of my ears. Thanks, NPC for bumping into me and sending me to my death off of a ledge. How does that even happen??

The most fun part of the combat, I found, were the rifts you have to go around closing. In these scenes, you have to multi-task between fighting demons and using your magical abilities to seal the tears in the Veil.

This game also has a very high replay value. I can think of at least eight major ways you could play the game differently: Play as each of the four different races available, and choose to side with the Templars once and the Mages the next time. Of course, it’s the Templar/Mage decision that I think will make the biggest difference in the plot, but playing as other races would be cool too.

My biggest complaint about the game is something that I’m honestly not sure is intentional or not. As the game unfolds, you have to go around unlocking various areas of the map. In each major area, there will already be numerous quests available, but the campaign quests may or may not be there. Basically, there are many parts where a campaign quest will put you literally next to a side quest that is impossibly out of your level.

Like, the third campaign quest may be situated directly next to a level 20 giant, as if you’re meant to go ahead and fight him right then and there. Not cool. Unless you like dying at the hands of nasty giants, then it’s really cool!

Overall, though, I give it two nerdy thumbs up!

If you’ve played DAI, what did you think? If you haven’t, do you have any desire to? Why or why not?


    • Haha I’d like to hear the story behind that gaming ban! I did not enjoy the first Dragon Age games nearly as much as this one. They always felt like poor imitations of the Elder Scrolls, like one was a McDonalds burger and the other was a steak. (Which is, by the way, an odd metaphor for a vegetarian to use, but whatever!).
      Oh my gracious Mass Effect — *that* is a binge-able game series!! I’m going to lose my nerd card for saying this, but I’ve never played KOTOR….

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