Weblog Wednesday: No More Mr Night Sky

Thank goodness for three day weekends, amirite? This long weekend I very nearly flew to see Dear Boyfriend at the last minute. One of my life goals is to not be so scared of spontaneity (we are both mega planners), so on Thursday night when I realized it was a three day weekend, I texted Dear Boyfriend with nerdy excitement: I may be spontaneous and fly out there tomorrow after work!!

Alas, flights at the last minute are fifty shades of crazy expensive.  He totally understood. So instead, I met my therapeutic goal of attending one MeetUp a week, got boring stuff done for the upcoming cross-country move, of course did loads of running, binge-read Mistborn, and had a coffee date of one at a fancy pants place.

As y’all may know, I’m both a Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers fan. (Those are NFL teams, by the way 😉 ). For those unacquainted with the current standings in the NFL, the Titans literally finished worst in the league, and the Panthers are currently number one. Hey, win some, lose some 🙂

On Sunday I went to a MeetUp to watch the Panthers versus the Seahawks. To be fair, I kinda like the Seahawks — in a bubble — but since they were playing my big cats, the claws were out that day.

Sorry, Pete Carroll — it was another Panthers win!!!

(Side note: Cam Newton, if you ever read this, I love your shoe collection and your philanthropy and think you’re amazing 🙂 )

During the third quarter, the Panthers reminded us why their nickname is the Cardiac Cats.

The MeetUp was … interesting. The guy next to me — who I’ve met before and allegedly has a significant other — got rather drunk and kept wrapping his arms around me, trying to buy me drinks. I’m not that kind of girl, so I just laughed it off, flashed my e-ring, and sipped on water. Gotta do what you’ve gotta do, am I right, ladies?

When he asked me if I was married or engaged, and I was like “we’re definitely getting married, but we haven’t set a date because it’s more complicated than that,” he literally responded with the Dumb and Dumber line, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?”

My weekend long training run was excellent. I was able to get out of my head fully, which is sometimes so hard to do. Reading Mistborn in large chunks was awesome too — though I’ll save my thoughts for the full book review.

On MLK day, among other things, I went on a date by myself. Do you ever go on a date by yourself? I kinda love doing that. I know it sounds weird. But seriously, try it. Especially if you have social anxiety. Just grab a book, or a notepad and pen, or a laptop, and pop over to a restaurant or a coffee shop. It’s actually really fun and therapeutic. And if you hate it, email me at charlottegrahamblog@gmail.com and blame me. 🙂

Anywho. I got done with my moving-related errands and frolicked by myself over to a fancy-schmancy-pants place around the corner.

I wrote up two new characters in my novel. The cappuccino was sub-par, though. I used to be a professional barista, so I know how I like my foam, dangit.

When I posted this on FB a friend jokingly asked me if I was more excited for the coffee or the wine. Lol, I told her that was actually a really creative flower vase. But it’s now given me inspiration for some new home decor!

To cap off the long weekend before some evening blogging, I went to the salon and got a (spray) tan and bought a cute new blanket scarf.

Blanket scarf, I heart you. Hashtag adorbs!

Yesterday going back into the office, the real life Gilderoy Lockhart made an unprecedented number of hilarious and haughty statements. (I may just make recurring posts with his statements — what do y’all think?).

After work yesterday I popped into the nail spa for a massage and mani. Since it’s negative a billion degrees here right now, I decided on a dark, magical, wintry color: No More Mister Night Sky, by OPI.

Before: Robin’s egg blue (can’t recall maker or name). After: Sparkly grey (No More Mister Night Sky by OPI)

So tell me, for those whose workplaces observed MLK Day, what did y’all do? For those who didn’t have a three day weekend, how was your week? I’d love to hear from any and all of you!

Love, Charlotte x


    • Haha, isn’t that the truth! (About drunk guys). Ooh, Tokyo Disneyland sounds awesome!! Is it similar at all to WDW? I’m trying to convince Dear Boyfriend to go to EuroDisney the next time we’re in Paris. We’ve been to Paris twice now and still haven’t gone! Tokyo Disneyland sounds like it should be on the must see list if we ever go to Japan. And aren’t self-dates amazing?! I agree that they are awesome for movies especially.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I have been meaning to go on a date with myself. There’s a nice coffee shop around the corner from me that I might take myself to. Would be nice to escape the distractions of home (too many games not enough time).

    Liked by 2 people

    • That sounds like an awesome idea! Nice coffee shops are the perfect place for self-dates, I think. When it comes to grabbing coffee to go, I’m too frugal not to just brew it at home, but if it’s going out for going out’s sake, I like a nice independent coffee shop.

      And boy do I hear you about the home distractions. I’ve got more unplayed games queued up than the law should allow!

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  2. What is MLK day? The guy sounds like a real creep. Sit next to someone else next time! I love the idea of ‘a date with myself’. Might give that a go. Thanks for sharing. Nice scarf.

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    • MLK Day is a national holiday celebrating the life and achievements of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr, who was instrumental in the American Civil Rights movement desegregating the country. He was assassinated, and I think MLK day is on his birthday.

      Oh my gosh that guy was a creep — unfortunately he’s the one who sat next to me, and the place was cramped, so there was no moving around. We’ve got another football watch party tomorrow, and I’m hoping he doesn’t do the same thing.

      And self dates are so much fun! Let us know if you do! And thanks, the scarf is so warm and cozy, perfect for this blizzard we’re having! 🙂

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      • Thanks for the info. I’m familiar with some of the work of Martin Luther King. I didn’t realise some of you got a national holiday – that’s great.
        I suspect Mr Creep will be looking to sit next to you. You might have to plan ahead. Get there early and seek out another group to sit with. Sit in the middle of them so he can’t get a look in.
        I’m definitely trying self dates. A really great idea. Thanks

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