Scrivener Update: I’m In Love

Remember how, in Disney’s classic movie, Dumbo finally was brave enough to try flying because he thought the feather he held in his snout was magic? And when he dropped the feather on accident, Timothy the Mouse told him it was just the placebo effect, and he flew for real on his own?

Silly metaphor, I know, but I’m kinda feeling that way about Scrivener right now. And I’m loving it.

downloaded the free trial of Scrivener the other night, and as much as it definitely does have a not-so-user-friendly learning curve, I’m already in love. For a while — and by “a while,” I mean months and months — my novel’s story line development and world building has really stagnated.

Last night I laid awake in bed, staring up at the whirring ceiling fan and thinking how bright the lights from the rooftop pool outside my balcony window are. Except, I wasn’t ruminating over work stress and life anxiety like usual. Instead, my mind was churning out back stories, plot twists, new worlds and characters, almost faster than I could keep up with my own thoughts.

This morning at the gym I turned off Sports Center, which is what I normally watch during my early morning workouts. Instead, I stared at a black screen and made myself rehash the novel ideas from the night before, making sure everything still sounded reasonably entertaining. Aside from some plot holes, it did! Soaking wet just out of the shower after the gym, I ran to the computer and jotted down my ideas in Scrivener before getting ready for work.

Over lunch, I went back to the gym like usual, except instead of turning on the news, I turned the screen off again and made myself start to address the various plot holes my midnight musings had left open.

I downloaded Scrivener primarily to organize what I’d already written, not necessarily to unclog the proverbial writer’s block drain. And I have no idea if Scrivener is my magic feather or not, but what I do know is that completing the world building and construction of the major story arc is something that has to be done, and that the change of pace with Scrivener is really helping.

Placebo? Possibly. But I don’t care. Whatever works, right? 🙂


  1. Exactly. Whatever works. I got notebooks that I can carry in my back pocket that do the same thing. That works for me. Whatever gets the ideas out of the closet and onto something where you can see it is key. PS – Watching Sports Center while working out? Hello Holy Grail. Ha!

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  2. The more I read on Scrivener the more I want it. I have sticky notes strewn about with various plot points, character sketches, and other ideas. I’m constantly bouncing between research documents, interviews (I’m putting a lot of research into this next novel), and piles of sticky notes. Having it all in one place sounds like it will take a lot of stress out of my process. I’m going to start the 30 day trial when my new laptop is in, you have sold me on it.

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