Home Again, Sort Of

After spending the past nearly two weeks with Dear Boyfriend at his family’s home in a relatively far off city and state, I flew back yesterday evening. I say “flew back” rather than “flew home,” because my current metropolitan locale doesn’t quite feel like home. Because, I’m excited to announce, I’ll be moving in a few months’ time to be with Dear Boyfriend full time!

I moved to my current city about a year ago and absolutely love it. But I’ve got no family here. Which is fine — I mean, I knew that when I moved here for work, and it’s a fabulous urban environment where I get to walk or take a train everywhere. Heck, I wish my apartment had come with a disclaimer that read, “Beware of your pocketbook! Neiman Marcus, Whole Foods, and a nail salon that serves free wine are all within a 10 minute’s walk!”

But, those things aren’t what ultimately matter in life. What ultimately matters to me is growing old by Dear Boyfriend’s side (and hopefully getting hitched one day soon!), hopefully starting a family of our own, and being a productive, kind, loving member of society who contributes back.

So I can’t wait to stop this endless travelling (although, to be fair, a lot of it has been for work or vacay) and move to Dear Boyfriend’s city.

Every two weeks for the past few months I’ve been traveling for one reason or another. Yesterday when I left Dear Boyfriend’s family home, my travels took me through Chicago on my way back “home.”

There was a bit of snow in the horizon, if you can spot it! (It’s been a VERY warm winter in the Southern US so far, until a recent cold snap, so no snow here as of yet.)

One of my many, many destinations over the past year — thankfully NOT where I or anyone I know lives. Too cold, brrrrr!! 

It’s weird — or maybe not weird at all. I felt so homesick already as I was leaving Dear Boyfriend’s city yesterday, as if I already lived there. When I got “home,” I felt relieved for the traveling to be over for at least a month, but wistful at the great alone-ness of the big city.

A few more months, I keep telling myself, and home will truly be home. Until then, I’m trying to remain mindful of being present, being grateful for every moment, and not living too much in the future. (I’ve got a terrible, terrible habit of that.)

And hey, I snagged an exit row seat at the last minute on one of my flights yesterday, so there’s that! 😉

Exit row baller status 😉


  1. Are you moving in together? Sounds exciting. Does that mean changing jobs too? I don’t envy all that travelling. It can be disorienting and tiring. M

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  2. We’ll eventually be moving in together, but temporarily at least I’ll get an apartment while a house is being built from scratch and we each settle in to things. And, fingers crossed, it shouldn’t mean changing jobs. I am very fortunate to have a fulfilling job that is very hands off and is also very hard to hire for due to the qualifications needed. In fact it’s rare to have the need to even converse with another human being at work, let alone my manager. Plus my company has offices in this new city, and loads of folks on my team are remote as it is. I’m having the conversation with my manager tomorrow to officially announce/ask if I can move offices, and I foresee it going very well. Plus, on the off chance that it doesn’t go well, I’ve done a lot of long and hard thinking and know where my priorities lie. But I really don’t foresee an issue. Technically my manager and I are already “remote” in our current city, compared to our company’s headquarters, and I’ll be moving closer to headquarters. Anyway, I agree with you about the traveling. It’s certainly fun at times but grows disorienting when every few weeks are spent in an airport trying to remember which city you’re in.


  3. Congratulations on your big life decision, Charlotte. Home definitely has to be where the heart feels most the most safe, secure and loved back! (And I’m glad to find your blog today in return, as well, my new WordPress friend.)

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    • Thank you thank you thank you! I’m excited. And anxious about all the changes, but it is definitely the right choice for the right reasons. Family is so much more important than shiny cities and fancy corner offices, to me at least. 🙂

      And thank you for the follow! I look forward to reading more from you. Happy blogging!


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