Banana Chocolate Fandom Waffles

If you don’t already follow Skill Up Skillet, do so now!1! Her blog is especially awesome for nerds like me who love cooking and baking. Recently she posted this banana chocolate Death Star waffle recipe. Even though it was too late before Christmas to get my hands on a sold-out Death Star waffle maker, I did get a nifty Mickey Mouse waffle maker from Santa!

On this gorgeous and freezing new year’s morning, Dear Boyfriend and I slept in after a night of raucous partying quiet celebrating. Well, he slept in. I’ve come to realize that my body is incapable of staying asleep for more than an hour after the sun rises. So I went on a f-f-frrrrreezing morning run where I made a new friend named Allison and her pup Cocoa.

But I digress.

Waffles! And not just any waffles. Nerdy, yummy, banana chocolate fandom waffles!!

new kitchen toy from Santa 🙂

I won’t post the full recipe here, since I want everyone to go read Skill Up Skillet’s fun post on these waffles. This is one of those spectacular recipes where most of the ingredients are probably already in your pantry and fridge — flour, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon, eggs, butter, and milk  for the batter. The only thing we had to round up just for this recipe was bananas and chocolate.

Dear Boyfriend and I don’t really have that big of sweet teeth (is that the right way to pluralize sweet tooth? It sounds wrong, lol!), so we didn’t bother buying a whole package of chocolate chips. Instead, we decided to just chop up some leftover Christmas stocking chocolates.

I tasked Dear Boyfriend with the chocolate chopping.

Using five Dove milk chocolate bites worked out to about 1/4 cup of chocolate chips, if you’re curious.

Also, we are huge cinnamon freaks, so I quadrupled the amount of cinnamon called for. And by quadrupled, I mean that I took our industrial sized drum o’ cinnamon and shook it liberally until the dry ingredients were copper brown on top.

I actually wish I had added more.

Gathering the ingredients took the longest. Once everything was measured out, they were on the table in about ten minutes!



    • Ooh, lemonade and cola — sounds bizarre! Lemonade sounds potentially decent, but cola sounds nasty TBH. I always shopped at Sainsbury’s when I lived in the UK, and I don’t recall seeing any oddly flavored donuts. (Only oddly flavored crisps, compared to the US, lol!)


      • did i say sainsburys? i thought i said tescos, none the less, oddly flavoured crisps don’t seem that bad, i usually watch ashens eat ver y strange/old food

        Liked by 1 person

      • No you said Tesco 🙂 I was just saying I rarely shopped at Tesco when I lived there, so I wouldn’t know much about their flavored doughnut selection, but I did recall Sainsbury’s having a bizarre assortment of crisp flavors. And I agree, crisp flavors don’t seem nearly as potentially yucky as odd doughnut flavors. 🙂


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