A very nerdy Christmas

Happy day-after-day-after Christmas! I hope all of you out there in Blog Land had a wonderful Christmas. Holidays always make me wistful, so there were some tears along with the laughs this season. But that’s not today’s topic. Today I wanted to blog about all the cool and nerdy and things Santa brought us!For those of you who read my blog earlier in the week, I had a big surprise for Dear Boyfriend for Christmas.

Drumroll, please!!

A Wii U!!1

I got him the deluxe edition that came with Super Mario Maker and a Mario amiibo. The photo on the right is of the TV screen when he was making a diabolically hard level for me to play today. Isn’t he so sweet?

Santa also brought us this cute Starbucks mug and coffee gift set:

Not my favorite roast, but it is Dear Boyfriend’s favorite!

As for me, Dear Boyfriend surprised me with something Nintendo-related too!

I unwrapped the package to find this nerdy and nifty Zelda-themed jewelry box that even plays a Zelda theme when you open it! It shines two little spotlights on the jewelry inside.

Dear Boyfriend picked out this gorgeous diamond halo necklace with matching earrings set in a combination of white and rose gold (my fave!), to mach my double halo engagement ring. So thoughtful and nerdy and beautiful and gorgeous!!!

The epitome of girly and geeky!

Santa also brought us each some video games and Funkos, and he brought me some new cooking implements, so it was a very nerdy, very wonderful Christmas indeed!

Merry Christmas from GirlyGeekGirl! 🙂

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  1. you too, me and my brother love playing Mario maker, I always hard stages for us to try, one stage that I made took us 7 months to complete without re-editing it, and the other two have not even been completed by us :/

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