The Force Has Awoken! (no spoilers)

After eight agonizing days of avoiding social media and spoilers, Dear Boyfriend and I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday! (***This post contains NO SPOILERS***)

We took a fun little family trip to the IMAX with him, his mom, and brother. To my surprise, it was in 3D too!

How did I like it, you ask?

Short answer: We LOVED it!!! The spirit of the first trilogy is back, the action was amazing, and it left us wanting more.

Long answer: This was truly a captivating film. There was never a dull moment, it was well-paced, and it left on a bit of a cliff hanger. I was enamored with most of the scenery, costuming, and makeup artistry. The fight scenes were fun and exciting, if a tad unbelievable, but I’ll get to that in a sec. I really cannot say enough good things about how well-paced the film was. Knowing how many minutes of film are left on the cutting room floor with blockbusters this epic, it kills me when a major action/adventure film comes out and has dreadful pacing. If I’m going to see a Star Wars film, I want to be on the edge of my seat gasping at high speed inter-planetary chases and light saber battles. Sure a few chuckles and some hints of romance are wonderful, but they should take a major back seat. And in this film, they did! The action and plot points were excellently paced, sprinkled throughout with appropriately minor humor and romance.

The acting, aside from Harrison Ford, struck me as satisfyingly solid. Newcomers Daisy Ridley and John Boyega certainly endeared themselves to me with their good looks, but with each of them I felt their characters to be a bit two dimensional. No matter what genre of film or book, I have to have characters who are at least three dimensional enough to show at least some strengths and some flaws. I’m not sure if it was the writing that cornered their characters or what, but I did feel that both Ridney and Boyega played their respective characters with virtually the same facial expression and emotion pretty much the whole film.

Out of the returning cast from the original trilogy, Harrison Ford absolutely shone as Han Solo. Ruggedly handsome, cocky, mischievous — he resumed his role quite perfectly, in my opinion. Carrie Fischer, not so much. I was never much a fan of hers anyway, but this film just solidified that for me. I found myself hearing her dialogue and thinking, “Good grief, couldn’t Abrams at least have hired an acting coach? You sound like you’re reading off a teleprompter!” Mark Hamill, well, I can’t really talk about what I thought about his performance without giving too much away. I’ll just say it was satisfactory and leave it at that until I publish a review later on with spoilers.

So: Well paced, fantastic action, decent acting. What else? The plot holes. Oh, the plot holes.

*rolls eyes at J.J. Abrams*

Obviously I can’t mention any in particular, since that would give away the plot. But I will say this, the vast majority of the many plot holes in TFA skirt the fine line between highly improbable coincidence and outright plot hole. Some really are pure plot holes (like, how did Kilo Ren get his hands on you-know-what-I’m-talking-about-if-you-saw-the-film?). But most of my gripes here are about the extreme degree to which the audience is asked to suspend its disbelief, whether it’s about modes of transportation being conveniently available, or a particular character’s expert skill level at a weapon they literally just picked up.

Nevertheless, the film is well worth seeing in the theater, and I think it will be well worth owning when it comes out. The cliffhanger at the end definitely left me begging for more.

Without giving away any plot details, tell me in the comments what you thought of the film?


  1. The movie was really really really really good. I don’t regret spending money to watch this at all. And yeah, how did Kylo Ren get his hands on the you-know-what ???


  2. I’m going to see it when the crowds die down but have already come across a few spoilers. I don’t think it’s that big a deal though, Star Wars isn’t a movie I was really watching for the plot (but I am excited to see what it’s like in the hands of a new director).


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