Another week, another airport

Travelling is fun, I really love it. But dang. I will be so happy to have at least a month without flying once the holidays are over!

Oh, where are my manners?

Merry Christmas Eve!!It’s only half past two in the afternoon where I am right now, but I’ve been up since half past eleven last night local time. Last night I went to bed at 8 o’clock my time and slept for four hours, before starting my Christmas Eve suuuuuper early.

I’m kind of addicted to exercising, so I got up that early to have time for a six miler. And of course pack. Because procrastination.

The airports I had the immense pleasure of visiting today weren’t nearly as Christmas crazy as I expected — that’s a plus! And my case was second off the carousel — a personal record!! If that’s not proof there’s a Santa Claus, I’m not sure what is.

In fact, this post wouldn’t gone up during a layover, but the free WiFi performed as well as its cost would suggest.

My trip was so smooth that the only interesting thing to report here in Blog Land is that, yes, it is very awkward to fall asleep (on a flight) on a strange man’s shoulder and wake up in a fog thinking it’s your significant other. Whoopsy! At least I didn’t drool on him in my sleep…

The real Dear Boyfriend and I are about to go have our wrapping session with cookie baking and hot cocoa sipping.

Right then, off to bake! I’ll be posting the recipe for said Christmas cookies!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!!!


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