Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

Santa comes tomorrow night!! Eek!!! Show of hands: Who’s excited?

*sees all hands in Blog Land are raised*

Me too!! Tomorrow morning I fly out at the crack of dawn. I have a 5:30 departure, and I live in a pretty big city with a major international airport, which means a certain ginger will probably be getting little to no sleep tonight!

On the bright side (because I believe there’s always a bright side), I am sooooooo grateful to be spending the holidays with Dear Boyfriend’s family, even if things are still a tad awkward at times with some of his more distant relatives.

After I arrive, Dear Boyfriend and I will pick up last minute gifts, make hot cocoa, bake Christmas cookies (which I’ll be sure to post about!), put on some tunes, and wrap gifts!

I wish I could post here the big thing I’m surprising him with at Christmas, but he may read this, so I’ll have to refrain. 😉

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve!!


  1. oh dear, I misread the title, I thought it said merry Christmas eve (yeah that’s why I wear an eyepatch, one of my eyes cant focus, so I cover it with a eyepatch

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