Manicure Therapy

Surely I’m not the only one who feels like manicures are a form of therapy … right?

I honestly didn’t even need a new manicure yet, but my anxiety has been through the roof lately with the holidays and lots of life changes, so I decided to treat myself to some relaxing mani-therapy.

A nice long massage, the Food Network on every TV, all the latest hits playing on the stereo, a cool drink — this place is truly one of my happy places! (Aside from getting sweaty running in the summer sun, that’s also a big happy place lol.)

Late in the work day I jokingly snapped Dear Boyfriend that this is what I was having done tonight:

Hideous IMHO, not to mention impractical

He probably didn’t buy it, lol. He knows me. My nails grow freakishly fast, and I loathe-with-a-capital-L having long nails.

So I went from this:

Au revoir, champagne!

To this:

Hello, Christmas red + gold!

Within just a few moments of sitting down at the salon, I felt more at ease and less stressed. Therapy was working!

I’ve had more than my fair share of “real” therapy, but personally at least I think that finding therapeutic activities is so crucial — whether it be manicures, long walks, cups of tea, meditation, music, whatever!

Tell me: What is your non-therapy therapy?


  1. This was so me the other day! With the stress of finals and everything else life had to throw along the way a therapeutic mani was much needed! I definitely relate 🙂
    insta: megantamplin

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    • Thank you for your comment! And haha yes manis can be so therapeutic! Yesterday I felt very much like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde when she has her first stressful day of law school and does a quick u-turn when she spots a salon. Hope finals went well!

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  2. I totally agree therapeutic activities are really important. I sometimes forget the value and importance of them. Running was great therapy for me but I let the habit slip so I’m getting back to it soon. My Candlelight Chillout (mindful yoga) was definitely therapeutic. Your nails look great.

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    • It is very easy to forget the value of them, isn’t it? I periodically force myself to sit down a make a “things that make me happy” list to remind myself of such therapeutic activities. It’s also easy to view them too pragmatically — IE “no I won’t go get a manicure because I don’t need one right now and it’ll cost $20.” Rather than looking at things more holistically and saying “My nails may not physically need buffing at the moment, but I’m mentally going through a tough time, and the relaxing massage and self-care will do me some good.”

      And oh my gracious yes, running is an amazing one. I’ll be delighted to read more about your 10k training that you’ve mentioned! Have you registered for a particular race?

      And I am so glad the Candlelight Chillout was therapeutic!! It sounds utterly fantastic. I hope you get to go to that regularly!

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      • I’ve been looking at races for the new year and made a list. Not registered yet though just waiting to confirm work commitments. Unfortunately can’t get to the mindful yoga normally becuase of work. Tried to find something similar but no luck. I’m going to do a therapeutic list myself to encourage and remind me. Thanks again.


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