Attitude is Everything

I’m a firm believe in this saying. And this isn’t just a football post, I promise. 🙂

I just got home from an NFL watch party for both my teams — the Tennessee Titans and the Carolina Panthers.

Both teams put up a good fight today against their opponents (the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, respectively), and it probably comes as little shock to most NFL fans that the Titans lost and the Panthers won. (Although the Panthers did nearly give me a heart attack there at the end!!)

But, as cheesy as it sounds, I am SO proud to be a fan of both teams, despite the fact that their season records pretty much couldn’t be any more opposite right now. The Titans put up a really good fight against an incredibly formidable team, and the Panthers nearly let their game go to overtime after the Giants made a big comeback in the 4th quarter.

But, win or lose, that’s not ultimately what matters. I mean, yeah, a win is nice — duh! Who doesn’t like the sweet, sweet taste of victory? But, all banter and good-natured rivalry aside, I’ve learned over the years that it is so important to maintain a good attitude no matter if you’re winning or losing.

And obviously I’m not even talking about sports now. I got wait-listed at Harvard and ultimately rejected back in high school, and it hurt like none other at the time, but in hindsight the lesson I learned from that loss was so much more valuable than an Ivy degree. Or not quite making the dance squad because of a last minute injury. It hurt (literally!), but the lesson of losing is so precious.

Anyway, I’m rambling now. But I guess my point is that I think winning and losing are equally as valuable experiences in life. So yeah, I’m equally as proud of my losing-streak Titans and winning-streak Panthers.

Winning or losing, attitude is what matters. 🙂

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