Not quite a baking post, but…

Man, I really need to up my game with the baking section of my blog. I haven’t posted anything yet about my own baking, but a few weeks ago I did post this piece about the famed Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies. I bought all the ingredients to make one, got kinda busy with marathon training and holiday travels, and haven’t made it yet. Buuuuut one of my awesome coworkers got his hands on a legit Patti Pie this week!!

Today was our Christmas party at work, organized by none other than yours truly. (This is my first year at this company, and they apparently weren’t planning a holiday party!! Crazy, right? So I took initiative.)

Anyway, I baked devil’s food cupcakes with vanilla frosting, which I would have made a baking post about had I thought of it, but I got home so late from my painting class that I didn’t want to take the extra time for step by step photos.

As at least those of y’all in the States probably know, Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies started flying off shelves when a YouTube video about them went viral. WalMart was out of stock for at least a month, according to reports I have read.

I had never had sweet potato pie before, but given the crazy I just knew I had to sample it! Thankfully one of my coworkers snagged this one when he saw it restocked at WalMart the other night:

Looks like a sweet potato pie Pacman

Since I had never had sweet potato pie before, I didn’t have a baseline comparison of what it should taste like, but this was pretty yummy! I ate a few bites and certainly wouldn’t have wanted a whole slice, but what I did try was good, if a bit too sweet. Then again I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth compared to most, so maybe that’s why a few bites satisfied me.

Have anyone else in Blog Land reading this tried her pie? Have any other favorite dishes from work holiday parties?

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