Joyeux Noël

This holiday season I’ve been going out of my way to try things I don’t normally do. A few weeks ago Dear Boyfriend and I did an escape room, last week I took a nutrition class, and tonight I tried a painting class. 

I love to draw, but I haven’t painted in literally years, so I was nervous how my picture would turn out.

Dear Boyfriend got a whole Snap story about it.

I chose to attend tonight’s class because it looked like it would make a great Christmas gift or house decoration — a wintery white painting of the Eiffel Tower with a Christmas wreath around it, and the words “Joyeux Noël” scrawled in crimson cursive across the bottom.

We first painted the snowy sky.

At first I felt like my snowy sky was a bit too monotone grey, so I tried to add more white, with a few darker dashes for contrast.

Drawing the Eiffel Tower was tricky!!

I was really displeased with the stark, blah look of my road at first, and drawing the Eiffel Tower freehand on an easel was tricky. But things really began to come together shortly after this photo was snapped!

Mostly done!

My favorite part to paint were the trees and the wreath. I tried to make them have more of a post-impressionism look rather than being too blended and soft.


Et voila — la tour eiffel à Noël!


  1. Looks good. I am awful at painting, maybe I should try again but I fear it will be a waste of canvas and paint. My visual art skills are probably on par with those of a 6 year old.

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