Marathon success!

After three years of setbacks, bad luck, and injuries/illness, I finally, finally, crossed the finish line after 26.2 miles! And boy, did it feel sweet. And I think it probably felt all the sweeter given the setbacks over the years!

Things really couldn’t have gone any better. Sure, it was a tad hot and humid, but the crowd was enthusiastic, the GU and Gatorade were plentiful, and the course was super flat.

I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd support and music along the way. This was a USATF sanctioned race that forbade any kind of headphones, so I was a tad concerned with getting bored and stuck in my head. But there were a surprising number of bands along the way! My favorite was a jazz band in an old churchyard, playing my absolute favorite holiday song, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” It was so beautiful it nearly brought tears to my eyes, hearing the saxophones and horns play my favorite Christmas song in a jazzy syncopation.

Everyone was just so friendly — the fellow runners, the policemen, the volunteers. City residents came out to cheer us on and hand out chocolates and orange slices, blaring Christmas music on stereos.

The whole time, especially whenever I felt tired to achy or pessimistic, I kept repeating to myself to enjoy every second of this awesome journey, even the achy, sweaty moments. And I did! It also helped that I finished 20 minutes faster than my goal time! But honestly, what really mattered was persevering, going the distance, and celebrating at the finish line with Dear Boyfriend.

Now, I’m itching to sign up for my next race! 🙂

Twenty-six point through!!


    • Thanks!! And yes, I’m already planning which one to do next. Allegedly it’s not safe to do more than a handful a year, although some runners are absolutely mad and do 50+ a year. I’m not quite that mad yet, so probably I’ll do 3 in 2016!

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      • That’s great that you plan to do more. Looking forward to hearing about them. I’m looking at 10k runs for next year. If I don’t book something it’s easy to put off running.

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      • That’s awesome!! I really look forward to hearing more about them. And yes I totally agree, once you put down that money for a race registration it is certainly a good motivator, particularly since most races have a no refund/no transfer policy.

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  1. Well done! I’m happy if I can manage a 5km (3.12 miles?) every Saturday without aggravating my shins so I definitely respect people who can go out and run a marathon! I love that feeling of running and pushing yourself psychologically to keep going even when it gets a little tough. Good luck in your next run 😉

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    • Thank you thank you thank you! I’m a tad nervous about the next full marathon, in late April, as it is meant to be particularly hilly.

      And oh no for the shin troubles! Do you get shin splints? Have you ever seen a physical therapist for them? I used to get pretty bad shin splints, and I found that calf exercises and compression sleeves helped greatly. I recommend the brand CEP for compression gear, if you haven’t tried it yet:


      • I honestly don’t know what the issue is with my shins. It’s troubled me for over 5 years now (a normal person would have sucked it and visited a specialist by now!!). At it’s worst I haven’t been able to walk for a few days after, but at the moment, it seems ok. I can get through a run each Saturday without feeling the effects afterwards and it’s fine come the following Saturday. I ran 10km on New Year’s Day, all on concrete and suffered for it. I have compression socks but need to be more disciplined and wear them. p.s. sounds like you have nothing to be nervous about for your next marathon, you’ll nail it 😉


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