Everything is awesome!

On Black Friday Dear Boyfriend and I scored big at GameStop. They were doing 3-for-2 on all used games, so I picked up the Lego Movie game and Destiny for xbox One, and he picked up Dragon Age: Inquisition for PS4.

This afternoon I took a break from Dragon Age: Inquisition to give the Lego Movie game a whirl, and this is my initial review.

The game is basically the movie chopped up into cut scenes, so don’t bother buying the movie if you plan on getting the game. You essentially get to watch the film through the cut scenes, which are so frequent it’s almost annoying.

This is my first Lego game to play on a console (I’ve only ever played Lego games on the DS before now), so I’m not sure if the controls for this one are standard Lego game controls. All I know is it’s really odd that the right trigger isn’t used (yet, at least) to attack enemies. So far the X button does that, which I’m still having to get used to.

My biggest complaint with the controls is the fact that the camera is pretty much fixed. Sure, you can wiggle around the right joystick to move the camera a bit, but don’t expect to be able to get the camera directly behind your Lego man or woman. I find this incredibly frustrating, since I prefer playing games in third person but with the camera directly behind my character.

Aside from those gripes, I really like how varied the game play is. I’m only two levels in, and already there has been a wide variety of things to do, ranging from a Guitar Hero style dance off to falling strategically through a hole to collect coins and avoid spikes, very reminiscent of the special stages in the Sonic games.

So far, I’d say this was well worth the deeply discounted Black Friday price I snagged it for! Having “Everything is Awesome” stuck in my head, on the other hand, is priceless. 😉


  1. my brother had lego movie the game. it was easy he said, the game needs no skill, you can complete it easily. the only thing I know about destiny is that it was a bit dissapointing

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