Snowy bliss

Snow gently drifting down, Christmas carols being sung by all… inside an airport?!

*cue record screech*

Yep, it snowed inside the airport yesterday morning and we all sang carols as adult beverages were given out.

“Listen up!! No one pays attention to me. You’re all staring at your phones.”

The Delta employee at my gate had a brash New York accent. I rolled my eyes at his rude start over the intercom.

“I will give a free adult beverage coupon to the first person who comes up here and sings a song on this intercom.”

My fellow passengers and I, all strangers, exchange skeptical glances.

A portly man scurried up and hurriedly murmered the first few bars of Row Row Row Your Boat into the mic.

“Now I want a Christmas carol!! Another free drink for whoever will sing us a Christmas carol!”

This man is serious.

A young woman hurried up to the mic, beaming as she belted out The Christmas Song (“chestnuts roasting on an open fire”).

We all sang along and smiled politely. Aw this is cute, I thought to myself.

“Ya know folks,” the Yankee continued, “I’m from New Yawk, if ya couldn’t tell! And one thing I really miss living in the south is a white Christmas. So how about someone come up here and sing us White Christmas?”

The same woman, with her beautiful voice, grabbed the mic again.

As she began singing, the Delta agent rushed behind the counter and pulled out a large black box with a handle and a spout.

Before we knew it, snow was fluttering all around the gate, swirling around our smiling faces as we all sang along to White Christmas.

Ok so maybe it wasn’t real snow from the sky, but it fell softly and melted quickly and looked gorgeous, just like the real stuff.

Never have I before been so filled with holiday joy in a sea of strangers, most of us tired and irritable and in need of caffeine — or something stronger.

In that moment, snow and carols swirling in the middle of this buzzing terminal, I felt truly joyful and at peace.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Charlotte x


  1. I remember a few days ago, in school, I told my friends I made a short song, it went a little like this.
    little satna, little santa, you never ever came
    little santa, little santa, you never said my name
    little santa, little santa, you are offcicially dead
    little santa, little santa, all that’s left is your head
    little santa, little santa, whats with that bell?
    is it because your the new ruler of hell

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure your little song really fits with the positive theme of this post but it did really make me laugh. I’m not sure the scene would have been quite as heartwarming if they had given you the microphone and asked you to sing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • if they did , I would look like a fool. I only made it up since I just think santa is a satanic, that’s all


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