Forcing the (Star Wars) Force

Do you take your coffee like a Wookie or a Sith Lord? Well thankfully now you can do both, because nothing says Jedi-turned-dark-side like espresso chocolate coffee creamer.

I must admit, when I first saw the Star Wars themed coffee creamers advertised on the Book of Faces, I did a cartoonish double take. This is a … Halloween joke, right?


Genuine well thought out marketing plan. Along with this collaboration with Google wherein your mailbox gets a thin coat of face paint:

CHOOSE YOUR SIDE. (Even though you can switch you mind at any time with no pretend consequences)

Or, better yet, this line of Star Wars themed Covergirl makeup I spotted in Walgreen’s today:

Which is better suited for a ginger, droid or chrome captain?

When I first realized the coffee creamers weren’t a joke (because spiced latte Wookie is a serious thing, you guys), I thought to myself, “Someone in marketing has lost their mind.”

When I then saw the Google makeover, I thought to myself, “OK well I can sort of see the appeal in this one, except that it’s literally nothing more than a minor cosmetic change, so it seems rather hokie, a bit like a cheap Happy Meal toy.”

Then today when I saw the makeup I about lost it. Seriously? What on earth has Lucas’s otherworldly brainchild got to do with matte foundation?

Those of you who regularly read my blog know me. I am super girly, and super geeky, and I am addicted to love coffee. But speaking for myself alone, none of these marketing collaborations make a darn lick of sense, and if anything I find them gimmicky and off-putting.

Here, let’s paint this wrench up like a droid and sell it as the R-2-D-tool! 

Um, no. Just no. I love makeup, but I would never ever ever buy it based on packaging or branding. The cosmetics of my cosmetics matter not to me.

I also love sci fi franchises, including Star Wars. But I would most likely not go see a film simply because I saw the branding plastered on all manner of bits and bobs. If anything, I’d take that as a clue that the marketers anticipated low ticket sales and wanted an extra boost of visibility.

So even though I shall undoubtedly see The Force Awakens, I shall do so wearing my non themed makeup and drinking my black coffee literally on the dark side, thank you very much.


  1. I love the style of your writing. There is some real merchandise madness out there.mI feel I should confess I have never seen a Star Wars film, only seen clips! I might binge watch them sometime. So my Geek Friend do I watch them in the order they were produced or in a timeline?

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    • You’re in good cinematic company, as I’ve never seen any of the Indiana Jones films OR Back to the Future, which is apparently sacrilegious in the pop culture world! Haha! I’d say watch them in the order they debuted, and be prepared The Phantom Menace (film 4) is largely thought to be one of the most ungodly abominations in the history of film. By some fans, at least! I’m sure there are many who disagree 🙂

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      • Oh dear – number 4 sounds bleak. I always liked the look of Chewbacca. One of my friends has original figures etc. He also has some signed merchandise. He’s my best friends husband. He’s only allowed to display his merchandise in the downstairs toilet! It’s like a little Star Wars toilet museum.

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