Sparkly Cranberry Happy Place

Since I’m flying out of town on Wednesday morning to spend Thanksgiving with Dear Boyfriend’s family, I went and got my nails done tonight (and shall get a spray tan tomorrow, because there is no shame in admitting that one loves to stay sun-safe and look bronzed!). 

My latest color had been a gorgeous deep merlot, as seen in this shot of my Savannah marathon medal:

My first full marathon medal 🙂

As my favorite work friend, who also currently has a Merlot on her nails, and I faux-lamented, should we go with deep dark autumn colors again? Or do a crisp winter white? (We’ve got a Christmas party to attend immediately after Thanksgiving, so we had to decide now!)

Deliberation ensued, accompanied by Chardonnay and snaps to Dear Boyfriend, who I’m sure was riveted by my nail color dilemma…

Poor DB, putting up with my incessant girly snaps!

The salon where I go keeps the vino pouring and the flat screens (at least three within view from any seat) constantly tuned to the Food Network. They really know their clientele here!

I believe I had my eyes glued to Ree Drummond, my domestic spirit animal, the entire time. God, I love that woman. (And she’s a ginger, just like me!)

Color verdict: A spunky, sparkly cranberry — A nod to Thursday’s forthcoming cranberry sauce, slightly autumnal in hue, and sparkly for good yuletide measure.

I realize this shot is horrible. Poor lighting and whatnot. But the color is gorge!

Veritably, the perfect shade to stretch from Thanksgiving through to a Christmas party or two!


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