So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the lure of having a sleek and polished blog. You know, the kind where, when you click on a post, you wonder if you’ve accidentally gone to a page from Bon Appétit or J.Crew instead of Susie-down-the-road’s WordPress site. 

When I see blogs with such a shiny veneer — particularly style blogs such as this one — my initial reaction is one of awe, jealousy, and perhaps a wee bit of drooling at the $1,000 handbags and Italian sunset settings. The photos are so meticulously edited (shot, no doubt, on very expensive cameras by loyal pals), the bloggers themselves are drop dead gorgeous, and the lifestyles captured are

Which is what bothers me about them. Completely unoriginal thought here: no one’s life is perfect. Aside from that obvious statement, I personally find it quite unsettling when I come across a blog that conveys the blogger’s life to be just a little too perfect.

Whether it’s that they’re wearing ungodly expensive clothing in an exotic locale, or that their angelic flaxen haired cherubs of children look like they just got off set of a Pottery Barn Kids photo shoot, it just doesn’t sit well with me. I mean, I understand that such blogs are super successful in large part because they have such a professional magazine vibe.

But for me personally, I just can’t enjoy reading a person‘s online documentation of life when it strips them of all the things that make us human, like flaws and dreams and struggles and juvenile humor and grey areas that make us pause and think.

So, on that note, here’s a professional photograph of my Pinterest-perfect organic vegan gluten-free nut-free fat-free fair trade hemp seed macarons:

Straight outta Bon Appétit, amirite?

Ha! See, I can be funny. And not only because macarons require eggs and almond flour and therefore can’t be vegan or nut-free (well, I’m sure someone out there has found a way to do it, but not I, because regular macarons are hard enough to make as it is).

But yeah, behold the gorgeous shot from my fancy Samsung phone, staged meticulously with Costco paper towels and open cabinetry in the background. And, oh, those lovely puffs and cracks on my macaron shells. How has Ladurée not hired me yet?!

So, this blog will never be an unrealistic representation of a jet setting photo shoot life. And not just because that’s not my life. Even if my life were some semblance of a fairy tale, I’d still want this blog to be real and raw and quite often cheeky. Stay real, my friends.


  1. Interestingly, I don’t think the people in the classygirls blog look happy. They look disconnected, like models playing a role. I wonder what’s really happening,but otherwise it feels boring. I must say, however, that whoever dresses her has amazing taste in shoes!

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    • I must admit I love her shoes as well! But yes, there is something eerily fake about everything in those photos. Which is somehow surprising to me given that she and the man in the photos are (allegedly) engaged. I also find the complete lack of words unnerving. I mean, aside from links to purchase her gorgeous wardrobe, there’s no text that I can see. There’s something about it all that I find quite depressing. On to happier and realer blogs! 🙂

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  2. Great post – I like it. I totally agree. I want to read blogs by real people about their real lives. Let’s just be our true selves – we are far more interesting. By the way, I think paper towels (called kitchen roll, in the UK) are very artistic!! Those macaroons look very nice too.

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    • I totally agree! I find one-dimensional perfection so very boring, and off-putting. A book with a flat, perfect character would never sell, so it’s a tad bizarre that blogs like that do. But who knows, maybe that’s why they sell.

      The macarons were delicious, even if the shells were cracked. But then again, with that much sugar and chocolate in between, it’s bound to be yummy!

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