I less than three* the NFL

So, for a really long time, I wasn’t into football at.all. It wasn’t that I proactively disliked anything about it. I just didn’t understand it. You see, even though I grew up in the deep South, a.k.a. the Land of Die-hard College Football Fanaticism, my parents weren’t into football, nor did either of them attend colleges that even had football programs.


So, I grew up not understanding a gosh darn thing about these Spandex-clad, butt-slapping, war face painting flying pigskin matches. Nevertheless, over the years Dear Boyfriend has graciously taught me the rules of the gridiron a time or two… or ten, since it has seemed to take me many lessons to actually remember the rules.

But, I am delighted to report, I now (mostly) understand this fascinating game of sportball, and I definitely enjoy partaking in the viewing of it!! (That was meant to sound super nerdy, btw.)

Except the schools where I got my bachelors and masters degrees were hoity toity preppy nerdy places where you were considered good at sports if you could actually catch a ball without damaging your pocket protector. So, I’m now really into NFL football, since I don’t really have a dog in the NCAA football fight.

My two NFL teams are the Panthers (keep pounding!!) and the Titans (whatever-their-phrase-is-dang-it-I-should-know-it!!). Which means I was really excited to see them do battle in Nashvegas last Sunday. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to the game like I had hoped, since that would have involved flying back out after just flying back home from a business trip.

Although I was sad to see the Titans choke at the last minute against the Jags on Thursday, I’m looking forward to watching the Panthers hopefully remain undefeated as they battle Washington tomorrow! And I shall be proud of myself for finally, finally, understanding this game and actually really starting to love it. Huzzah!

*about the title: When I originally published an older draft of this on my old Blogger blog, my first title, with “<3” was rejected, because apparently Blogger thinks it’s broken HTML code. Silly Blogger.

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