Happy LeeroyJenkinsJeopardy-versary!1!

What?! I can hear you asking yourself. The ten year Leeroy Jenkins anniversary was August 2015, not November 2015!!

Aha, ’tis true! But, my fellow nerds, November 17th, 2005 is when Jeopardy aired a college episode that featured Leeroy Jenkins as an answer.

At that time, I had heard of WoW but was in a personal gaming hiatus. Around 2007, a now ex-boyfriend tried desperately to enlist me to play WoW, since he knew I loved console and handheld gaming.

“Yeah, well,” he admitted, “WoW is kind of addicting… And expensive….”

As much as I wanted to start playing WoW at the time, I was a broke-@$$ college kid already strapped for money and time, and hearing tales of WoWers having to devote their entire lives to it seemed a bit much.

Fast forward a few years, and I have just recently begun playing WoW on my brand new whiz bang desktop. While I can’t say I’m hooked quite yet (so.much.grinding.), I can already see the appeal! I’ve always been a solo, campaign-loving gamer myself, not really one for multi-player anything, but I can already see how cool WoW must be once you reach a decent level.

Anywho, all of this is to say HAPPY LEEROYJENKINSJEOPARDY-VERSRAY!!!11!

Because, without Dear Leeroy, where would we be today? Without a flippin’ hilarious meme, that’s where we’d be, folks!

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