Helloooo WordPress

So, I started my blog on Blogger recently. Eons ago (well, months, actually, but eons sounds way more scientific and cool) I had a totally different blog on WordPress. The following sums up my feelings at the time on WP:

Ooh nifty, look at all the sleek shiny buttons! Hey that’s cool, I can easily follow and comment on other blogs! Just look at all the analytics about my readership! 

Oh, but this dashboard is so confusing…how do I do xyz again? I can’t even find the gosh darn delete button!! Argleblargle this dashboard is a headache!!!

So, yeahhhh. I loved how handy WP was in terms of networking with other bloggers and easily following other blogs, but golly jeepers that dashboard was confusing! (And I do programming for a living, mind you, so gooey sites like this should theoretically not be that hard to use.)

When I decided to end that particular blog for good, it honestly took me a good two or three Google searches to even figure out how to delete a WordPress blog. That, IMHO, is cray.

Hence, when I decided to start a brand spanking new totally different and way more awesome blog recently, I opted for Blogspot/Blogger, since I had heard it was super user friendly. And it is!! I’ve gotta say, I really love how intuitive the entire set up is, from visual customization to posting and editing.

But, but, liking, following, and commenting on other blogs (I.E., the bread and butter of being a good neighborly blogger) isn’t so easy with Blogger. I feel like every time I try to like or comment on a blog I find, I get prompted to sign into WP.


Can’t I just have the best of both worlds? I guess maybe if I get savvy enough at blogging I can. But until then, I’ll stake claim in the same domain on WP and decide which one to use permanently.


  1. lol had the opposite feeling about BlogSpot. Couldn’t get my mind round to it. But hopefully you stick around and we can have some meaningful and not so meaningful discussions lol.


    • I’m definitely staying on WP. It’s so odd – when I had that other WP blog about a year ago, I remember the dashboard being very, very different. So either they’ve overhauled it and made it much more user friendly, or I’m prematurely developing a faulty memory.

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