Conquering the unconquerable

So, for about as long as I can remember, I’ve loved writing. When I was nine I wrote a (very short) book entitled “The Girl from Jupiter.”

Can you guess what it may have been about?

Clever you! Indeed, a girl from Jupiter. Specifically, a girl from Jupiter who (mysteriously) has an identical twin sister here on Earth, of whom she is mighty jealous. Jupiter girl (mysteriously) flies a spaceship by herself to Earth, sneakily attacks Earth girl on the playground at school, locks Earth girl in the spaceship, and intends to live happily as an Earthling. Earth girl manages to escape from the spaceship, and the two live happily ever after as twin sisters on Earth. The spaceship becomes a permanent and beloved fixture on the playground.

What’s that you say? How was this not a bestseller?! I’ve no clue either…clearly at such a tender age I already had an enviable knack for gaping plot holes, nonexistent world-building, and anticlimactic story arcs.

Fast forward *cough* a few years, and I’ve written one novella which is complete &$%#, and have been writing a full length fantasy novel for, oh gosh I dunno, three years now. And I’m still only on like chapter four. But hey, I’ve got a nifty plot outline and a cool little doodle of a world map on the back of a Starbucks napkin! That counts for something, right?

Anyway, I seem to have it in my head that getting this fantasy novel out of me is somehow unconquerable. Which I realize is a terrible mindset. Hence, blogging about it to remind myself of my limitless potential blah blah blah.

But seriously, all snarkasm aside (and yes I do credit myself with that portmanteau), I really do earnestly believe that attitude is (almost) everything. Or at least that things aren’t very easily accomplished if we haven’t got an attitude of perseverance and a belief that the seemingly unconquerable is in fact quite conquerable.

Alrighty, off to dream of my fantasy world. 


  1. I love your writing style and your sense of humour. You make me smile. I am waiting for the fantasy book to be fully realised. I am a big fiction book reader and I do like a bit of fantasy. When I buy our book in the bookshop will it actually have a Starbucks napkin inside with the world map?

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  2. If you ever want a beta reader let me know. If you ever want to beta read something also let me know, I have a novel in the re-write phase and might be looking for some readers before (self) publishing it (if you were interested, no pressure, I’m looking to build some online author friends and improve my writing).

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