Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate preview

So, with the Savannah marathon last weekend and another marathon coming up in a few weeks, along with some traveling for business and pleasure, I’ve definitely been cut short on gaming time lately. Hence not having purchased Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate yet. Thankfully, Christmas is fast approaching, so I’m hoping Santa will bring it!

AC is by far my favorite franchise. AC:2 is my absolute favorite, and Revelations is my least favorite so far. I won’t lie, after being thoroughly underwhelmed by Unity last fall, I’m keeping my expectations in check this time around.

That being said, the various interviews I’ve read from Ubisoft’s developers and writers make me hopeful that this will be a satisfying installment. I’m a big fan of good storytelling, which I think Unity, Black Flag, and Revelations all lacked. Apparently, Syndicate is supposed to go back to the old school AC model of being more story and character driven.

Here’s to hoping it lives up to its early predecessors!


    • I never played the original AC, the one with Altair as the protagonist, because I heard it was pretty bad. I definitely think that AC:2 set a very, very high bar. Later games seemed to have more and more grinding required. I’ll certainly be interested to play Syndicate, though, to see if they can head in the right direction again.


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